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i was wondering if i already have a hard drive full of software and stuff and i take this drive and put it into a z68 chipset board for intel smart response, can i just randomly add a small 64 gb SSD to do it? or do i have to completely reformat everything????? i dont feel like reinstalling so many programs especially when rogers limit the download/upload internet usage... even on 175 gb i still maxes it out... lol if they dont restrict my usage, i would be more than willing to redownload my games from steam =P So ya, my main question is, do i have to reformat in order to use the caching function or can i just hook up a SSD and then go to bios to change the setup to RAID..?

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Unfortunately you must reformat the drive because SRT is just setting up a RAID array. Also, you do not need to redownload all your Steam games, simply save the /Steam/SteamApps folder and drag it onto your new drive after you reformat.

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I wonder where Razear came up with that. SRT uses the SSD as a cache much like USB flash drives were used as caches in Vista.

You do NOT have to reformat the drive. Simply install the SSD drive and set it up via SRT to cache the drive you have in mind.


SRT is a caching technology where commonly used files are stored in the SSD.
Maximum SSD usage is 64GB.
If you have an SSD that is bigger than 64GB, the remainder can bne partitioned as a fast drive.
SRT is available only on Intel Z68 or later chipsets via its drivers.

If you are swapping the motherboard, you can do so pretty much safely as long as you are going from close chipsets in the same manufacturer (i.e. Intel P67 to Intel Z68). If there is too much oc a difference WIndows may Bluescreen on you. You won't have to reformat even if you need to reinstall windows - Windows will save your previous install in an "old windows" directory so you can grab your steam backups & irreplaceable things from it.


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