Witch processor is the one you can overclock the most?

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I was thinking to build myself a new computer and i was thinking to by the AMD FX 4170, 4.2 GHz 4 core processor by AMD but can i easily overclock this Processor? (to for example 5 GHz) with a Corsair H100.

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Phenom II 965BE and overclock it, but the 4170 is excellent as well.

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How much do you believe i can overclock the 4170?

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Every chip is different. Average range is around 4.4 ~ 4.6, but I've seen as high as 5.1 with the best cooling. Being that the speed is already 4.2 it is already pretty nice speed at default.

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I currently have I7-3930k stock at 3.2GHz, I have seen mines go up to 4.5 GHz thanks to my case setup and CPU Noctua dh14 2011. I Put it back to stock though because I am unsure if it is worth pushing my CPU causing the extra strain. I guess I will have to work out how much will my CPU last running OC, If the life expectancy was only cut short by 10% then maybe I would think it was worth it.

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I've had heavily overclocked CPUs last 10 years, and others much shorter. I've even had both Intel and AMD CPUs fail at stock speeds in just a few years.

There is no way to figure which you are going to get. It's pure chance. However, the larger scale on the AMD side seems to be giving them a bit better edge when it comes to robustness as compared to the new Intel design... purely personal opinion, but based on what I've seen.

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4170 would be my choice