Why Don't you have a Thank you posting area?

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Why don't you have a posting area made pacifically for those that have won a give away?


I'd think it would be a good idea for there to be an area in the forums where winners can go and post pictures, and videos of their winnings and how thankful they are to Rodney and the sponsor of the giveaway.

I'd think it would give sponsors another reason to help with another giveaway, they wouldn't have to go hunting for the thankful comment, they could go to one place in the forums where only winners and Rodney would be able to have a post at.

also I would think it'd be a good idea to make a video Rodney if you'd make a video encouraging thankful videos, you could say it will help with more giveaways, because I think it would...

Now if there is such a place in the forums, that's not cluttered with other threats, please let me know thanks.


As always, thank you Rodney for the great videos, they really do help with shopping choices.

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