what type of web cam do you use

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Randal Davis
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I been watching your reviews here on the site and from you tube.
I been wondering and checkin out web cam`s and video records for some time now, and i am just now starting a review site my self, I was wondering what type of cam do you use for recording your video reviews.

further more i would like to ask you, my idealizer for my review site from, what advice can you offer to me.
I have sent a number of emails out to try to get products to review on my site, and i am yet to still hear back from any of them.

can you offer some advice and insite to right the path way i need to take to become close to you, but in my own way ?

Thanks Rod-Man,

Randal Davis
Crawfordsville, Indiana

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Looks like Razear got to it before I did, good job :)

Randal Davis, Good luck with the reviews and stuff.

Rodney Reynolds,
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