What teksavvy internet plan do you use?

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This just crossed my mind. What tek-savvy internet plan do you use?
Also what is your opinion on the 28mb plan? would it even be reasonable to consider it? (slow speeds during peak hours ect)

3 questions haha Thanks for your time!

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I have the cable Extreme service and it's excellent, even at peak hours.

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I checked their prices and I'd really recommend acanac if you can do the yearly payment. Have had excellent performance with them since the beginning and it's only 39.95/month when you pay for a whole year (which is the only down side).

You do get a satisfaction period where you can get your money back in case you're not happy.

28 mbit / 1mbit for 39.95 :)

In the last couple of days though I think it does slow down during the peak hours but still not bad.

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