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so all my parts are 1/4 threds but the pump i won't is a swift 655 but it has 1/2 thred do i have to find a diffrent pump? and what compresion fitings do i use and tubeing?

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No, just get a 1/4 to 1/2 fitting. Swiftech has everything you'd need in this respect.

Rodney Reynolds,
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Hey Rodney it’s me bud.

Question for you. I am looking at various water pumps however not sure which is the best ( in terms of reliability, performance and especially Noise. Hate noise!!!). Can you help out!
Also I would love to know that res I should use. You know the case I have :).
Currently I am water cooling CPU but down the road I want to water cool video cards.

Thanks for your input.


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