trouble choosing ips panel

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I'm new here to I watched one of the video's on youtube and decided to take a look.

So here is my problem. I'm looking for a new monitor to extend my laptop (dell xps m1710). My laptop uses a 17 inch WUXGA display, so it's pretty detailed already. However I'm the kind of person that rarely closes an application window and leave them open until the computer just halts. Sometimes I play some games, but most of the time I program (C, PHP) and find it to be to crowded on screen when I have my code on the left and my reference pages on the right. 

At the moment I have been looking at these displays:

  1. Dell ultrasharp U2711
  2. HP LP2475
  3. HP ZR24w
  4. Dell Ultrasharp U2410
  5. NEC EA231WMi

Many people buy one of these monitors because they are into photography and want there colors to perfectly display and be as natural as possible. Well I'm not into photography, but I do like to watch blue-ray video's with good black tones. Also I do some graphic works for my webdesign. Does such an ips panel really make a big difference compared to other sorts of panels?

At the moment I'm thinking of getting the HP LP2475, since it has been getting some really good reviews. The Dell u2711 on the other hand has been getting even better reviews.

So it all boils down to this: what monitor should i go for? The LP2475 is 24 inch with a resolution of 1920 x 1200. The U2711 is 27 inch with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, but it cost 480 euro's ($641.90) more retailing at 980 euro's ($1283.81).

Please help this guy find hes new monitor.

*PS* I might get a second monitor in the future to further increase my workflow. Hope my English isn't that terrible btw.