SSD drive vs. traditonal harddrives

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How does SSD work, are there any moving parts in them ?
Does SSD make more noise than traditional harddrives ?
How fast are they compared to a SATA 3.0 6Gb/s 7200 rpm ?
What are the lifespan of a SSD drive ?
Why are they so expencive ?

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1. No moving parts, flash memory.
2. Silent since there are no moving parts.
3. MUCH faster than traditional HDDs.
4. Very high rated MTBF, depends on the particular drive.
5. Newer technology, lower volumes.

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ssd's are more expensive because flash memory cost more to make cost/gb and it isn't made by enough companies and isn't in mass produce yet.
i read write cycles dropped whit the 28nm scaling. but it isn't that bad because you get 3 years warranty. after that the hd will still work for like 3 or 5 year. but after that time the ssd (and the rest of your pc) will be obsolete for sure. but if you want to buy one now than wait like 2 moths more till crutial and so get there new sata 3 ssds out because they will be faster than previous generation. because of that the other ssds might drop in price or you just get a faster one for the same amount of money.
OCZ has there new gen out and they already saturated the sata3 bandwidth.