Rodney, plz review the Scorpio Blue 1TB 2-platter!

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Hey Rodney,
Will you be reviewing the Scorpio blue WD10JPVT 2-platter, 9.5mm thick 5400RPM laptop hard drive? I am interested in random IO performance versus the Scorpio Black 750GB. I know that you usually concentrate on the STR-related benchmarks but it would be nice to get some values for Random IO.


PS: No, I don't want a Vertex 2 (plz), I like my G2.

I want a vertex 2 128GB for < $220.
Gimme please

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If there is a product that you wish to have reviewed, please contact the manufacturer and ask them to send a sample to Rodney does not purchase the items he reviews (he and his company would go belly up if he did!), he receives them from manufacturers and then reviews them.

Have fun, be safe! Sláinte!

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