Replacement for burned 8800 GTX OC?

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Two days ago my two year old 8800 GTX OC (manifactured by BFG) burned out. Since I still had a warranty on it, the store I had bought it at sent it back to BFG and they are going to send a new one to me with a delay of about 2-4 weeks. But the problem is that they dont sell 8800s anymore. So my question is the following : What card does BFG usually send back after they receive a broken 8800 GTX OC card? Is there only one in particular or is it variable? (I've heard they might send me a gts 250 or a 9800, but I would prefer a solid answer instead of a wild guess)

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Maybe a 9800, but I suspect they might have plenty of refurbished 8800's on hand. It's really anyone's guess.

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