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Hello Rodney,

Firstly I have to say that i very like Your video reviews, they are cool :)
right, so lets ask the question(s):
Want to upgrade my computer and really thinking about two of those cases:
CM 690 II Advance or Corsair 600T
CM is great product as I've seen from YOur video reviews, but still waiting for review of Corsair, so my question is:
when YOu goin to do revies of Corsair 600T case?
do YOu think that is better to wait a few weeks till they will start selling it?
and finally and I think that is hardest question: which of those is better case?
or any suggestion of better mid-tower case?
thank You for repply and keep YOur great job goin ;)

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wow dude i think you did just make the hardest question dam

hes no 3dgamman but at least its a review