Removed cpu heatsink and !#$!#$!# wheres my cpu?

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Hi Rodney ive been keeping up with your videos on youtube and you have pretty much been guiding me through building my first computer. Heres what happened. Today i was bored and had nothing to do so i said, "Im going to remove my heatsink because my new one is going to get here soon..." When i did i unlatched the connectors from the stock AMD phenom II x4 black edition cooler and could not remove the heatsink so i pulled a little harder, Not forcing it. And out came the cpu with the heatsink... Note that the AM3 port was still locked in place. I cant test it out right now because my power supply does not get here until friday im really sad because ive been putting all my money in to this. My question is do you think i damaged the Motherboard or the Cpu there is no sign of damage to the pins. I removed the cpu by putting it over a heat source and then twisted the cpu right off. I put it back on the motherboard and fits fine. Do you think i damaged it?

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all you have to do is straighten the pins back out and re-insert the CPU. next time dont pull on the heatsink, either slide or twist it off, all your doing is pulling at it like a suction cup