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Well first of all I would like to thank in advance and i have been watching the YouTube channel for some time now so thx and this is my first time coming on your forum.

Well my question is how will this mother board  (P6T7 WS SuperComputer) use 1 Quadro graphic card and 1 or more nvidia Cuda cards.   For example if one takes the Quadro fx 1800 and the GTX 480. will this become a great workstation that can use the quadro for cad applications will working and then use booth when using Cuda  driven applications like what V-ray is working on. And then will it transform in to a super gaming rig using The GTX 480 or both.  I am confused and may not be framing the question right.  So i will try again by saying that by using 2 graphic cards dose not give you 2x the performance and its much more obvious when using 3 or 4 so how is this mother board respond with 1 quadro and 1 or more gaming  raphic cards.  :)