Re: Difference between cheap and expensive power supply?

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I want to know if my omega 800w psu is good for my system 2 hdd,amd x3 2.81 cpu,4 gig 667 ram,and nx8800gt 512mb oc graphics card ,located in trinidad.

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You need no where near 800W. A 400-500W PSU would be more than adequate.

And I wouldn't skimp on the PSU since going with a cheapo generic PSU can cause instability issues especially under heavy load.

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Cheap power supply run a higher risk of going SNAP CRACKLE POP!

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I used to have cheap 600w psu I bought from flea market and it got burned out when I played the game. I recommend buying psu from high quality brand like corsair.

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I'd like to say you get what you pay for in regards to PSU's. The hardware quality is normally longer lasting and more efficient with a good name brand, but also the warranty and the support is what separates them most.

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