Raid Card Questions

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I have a few questions regarding raid cards, here goes..

1. Can a computer with a raid card be turned off with no loss of data, or am I correct in saying that it can
be turned off with no problem as long as the HDD's are not reading/writing?

2. Is the purpose of a backup battery unit to protect from sudden power loss; thus writing the data that
was to be written to the HDD's to the Raid card's cache until normal power can be reestablished; thus preventing possible raid corruption?

3. If the computer were to shut down normally, would the battery backup unit continue to provide power,
or would it stop providing power to the card because there is no data to cache, thus making the backup unit only for emergency in case of power cuts?

Thanks for having the time to read this, any help would be appreciated. :)

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1. HDDs are non-volatile, meaning if they are turned off, the data will remain intact.

2. A battery back-up UPS will prevent the computer from suddenly shutting down in the event of a power outage or spike, this will allow you to correctly power down or continue your work.

3. There will always be small amounts of energy usage even if the devices connected to the outlet are turned off. This is referred to as "phantom power". The only way to avoid this is to manually turn off the switch or to unplug it from the wall.