Raid 0? What to Expect on The First Boot Up?

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Im in the process of building my computer and I will be doing Raid 0. So my question is when do I do the setup? When I first boot it up? Or after I install everthing? (OS, etc). This is my first time building a computer so I don't even know what to expect when I first boot it up I assume it will ask me to install my OS.

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First, you would need to enter the motherboard's BIOS and configure your drives as RAID. Then save the changes and reboot. You should now be able to enter the RAID controller (assuming you are using on-board RAID) by pressing the required keys (check your motherboard's users manual). From there you are able to configure your RAID setup which will completely erase all data on the drives. Only now are you able to reboot and install the OS.