Questions About Printers for Home Use

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Do you have a printer at home?

If yes, how often do you print?

For me, I rarely print something that I need. I mean, it's like zero for most months and only 1 and two for some. I would think I have averaged about 5 print jobs per year or less. For inks, it would be expensie for me to replace, like $30 for black. I really don't know how long the ink can last before it dries up as I'm planning to recycle it or give it to my mom even though she already does have a printer, but then my family does print more than I do, but not that much. My printer was purchased around 2005.

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yeah for me too it's like useless in the bottom of my desk and just accumulate dust... I think i didn't use it in the past 3 years or so... And everytime i need it, the ink is dry or the printer don't print in good quality (line or dots, no colors or no the good one) so it's mainly served me when i was back to school and for scanning my picture (it's a multifunction lexmark center)

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I have a Brother MFC-7840F, which is a B&W laser mulch-fuction printer. If I want to print pictures in color, I just take em to walmart, blacks, costco or some other place like that.

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i use a samsung clp-315. i print about 10 prints a month then about 40 prints for 2 of those months
and i havent bought toner for about 2 years!

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I have an HP OfficeJet L7780. It is a high-volume office-grade color inkjet. I don't print much, but when I do I print LOADS, and this type of printer allows you to print cheap, cheaper than laser. A complete set of cartridges (CYM at 1200 page estimate capacity, and K at 2400 page) from the company I use comes out to $9 shipped.

I opted for a high-end machine just because I won't be replacing it any time soon. I print invoices, documentation, business cards, etc., but not photos, so updating to the newest gadget for better photos isn't ever a need. Plus it's two tray, so I can load standard paper in the top, legal on the bottom, plus I have my scanning and faxing capabilities. I'm set!

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I have a laughably, crappy HP DeskJet 1660. I only use this printer (when I can use it) to print something that I need to print immediately that I can't print at work (LOL). I have used it to fill out RMA paperwork for the many PC components I buy throughout the year, and any other items that require going through snail mail. This printer is so bad that if I send a print job that is a few MBs in size, it will cause the poor devil to lock up during the spooling of the job. It's the printer, and not the computer, because I tested in on multiple ones.

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