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How come consoles can still handle some good graphics games like MGS 4 ?? Arent the hardware really outdated and the graphics card is like ancient graphics card?? How can it be running the games at constant 60 FPS??? Why cant PC cap the FPS at 60???

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well their games are optimized specifically for them and vice versa, the main purpose of those hardware (along with the software) is to run their games whereas the pc, gaming is only one of its many capabilities. Plus those consoles uses dx9 and when you run them at 720p and 1080p they don't look that good compared to a pc and they get hotter. This is just my best guess. I'm also curious about this and I hope some experts here add some more info.

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the main reason is that you can program the game so it is optimised right for that hardware on the consoles because evry PS3 is the same. that why it can run good but whit a pc you need to optimise for more kinds of hardware and most of the developers aren't so good in programming and don't try to run it efficient to get max performance out of the pc. example console have dual or single core the games use 2 cores max on PC some of them use 3 or 4 but they never program it to run at a lot of cores.

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Yea, it's because these games are coded for a specific console. This makes the game play extremely well, while still offering decent graphics. Although, if you were to compare the same game coded for a console and coded for a PC, the PC graphics would be much better.

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