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rodney i have spent a lod of money on my rig at lease 2000 euro i have a 32inch LG 720P HD screen corsair 800d case asus rampage 2 intel core i-7 920 3.76ghz corsair ddr3 1600 sapphire 5850 corsair h50 cooler with noctua 120 fans logitech G19 now after all this money been spent on this pc you might ask whats wrong. well my psu is a icute 1000 i have it 6 months it looks amazing but it does not fit into my case right and iv heard horror stories about cheap no-name psu going bang with the computer and everything in it only problem it is a no-name psu but wasnt cheap 148 euro it was is it worth keeping this icute psu and risk destroying my computer in a year or two or getting a corsair hx 850 which will cost me more money for a psu when i already have one some people have said their a good brand.

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I think Icute is a rebranded ultra psu. Not the best, but not the worst either. If you can buy something better then do it.

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Don't forget a a UPS to protect you investment. Power surges, etc can ruin ring. Forget about a surge suppressor.

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Check to see if there's a UL # on the iCute PSU. If so, you can search and find out who makes it.

I personally would go with Enermax, Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, SivlerStone, Cooler Master PSUs...

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