pc keep on crushing plz help

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Hi i have a evga 750i motherboard and im running a ati H4850 video card right now and my pc keep crashing on me, blue screen, freeze, all that stuff and i was just wondering is it because of my ati graphic card. Im not really sure cause on my box it say *Feature requires installation of two NVIDIA GeForce GPUs* so im just guessing that why my pc keep crushing on me plz help :(. and also if i do need to get a new video card what do you think is a good card for me to get for this motherboard?

My set up are

Evga 750i sli ftw

ati H4850

cpu Q9650 overclocked it to 4.50 GHz

Corsair H50 cpu cooling

running window 7


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I assume that requirement is for SLI, which would in fact require two GPUs. That's the point of SLI... However, this is not your problem.

Your BSoDs could be caused by a high variety of problems. Your hardware could be overheating, hardware could be faulty, or it could be a software problem.

Try removing your overclocking and see if it still crashes after that. I'm not sure if you did that right... If you still get BSoDs then check your RAM with either MemTest or the build-in feature in Win7 (Memory Diagnostic Tool).

If none of this helps, come back and let us know.

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If it's possible, record the string of numbers the BSOD reports


usually something like 0x000384CD for example

Google that number and you will probably find out the cause.

Personally I think it probably has something to do with your overclocking

more often than not it's a memory issue tho.

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I got a similar problem a few days ago, but seems to be running fine now.
My question is related.
How bad viruses are in this days?
Spyware,open ports etc.
can this be the cause for full system crashes as hardware failure,bad overclocking,registry problems etc,etc.does?

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by experience, the 750 mobos are buggy. my 750 gives me random boot-lockups whenever it pleases

they definately do NOT like ATI cards though. i just installed my 5770 not too long ago and the thing runs worse than my 9600 at times and i can guarantee it is a chipset/card conflict. it ran my nvidia great but my ati, crap.

my ATI card has only caused me a blue screen once but i know exactly why.

MSI afterburner and Catalyst CC dont work well with eachother either. i tried leaving afterburner open and changing profiles in catalyst and my screens went blank then about 10 seconds later i got a blue screen

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Nvidia chipset with an ATI video card... nothing wrong here. blush

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I missed the part about cpu Q9650 overclocked it to 4.50 GHz. You need to drop that overclock or get it more stable. Maybe try a spot fan on the chipsets.