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I have a core i7 920 @3.5Ghz, Cooler Thermalright 120, 6 gb ram ddr3 muskin blackline, motherboard gigabyte ex58-ud5, graphics card gigabyte HD 5850 1gb and the power supply is an OCZ 700 watts .

Can you give me your opinion on my current computer?

Im thinking about upgrading the graphics card soon and im thinking about the HD 6850 Black edition or the GTX 560TI i would like some opinion on this Graphics cards aswel

Rui Ponte

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A 5850 to a 560 Ti or 6850 isn't a big enough preformance bump to justify upgrading IMO. You would probably be able to pick up another 5850 for CF for cheap but then you may need to upgrade the PSU as well.

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Both of those would be a waste. The 5850 outperforms the 6850 by about 10-15% ad the GTX 560 TI outperforms the 5850 by about 10%. So basically, your card is in the middle of those two.

In my personal opinion, nothing short of GTX 570 or the AMD 6970 2GB would be an upgrade. Stick with your 5850 for now, wait until some new cards come out.

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