Need Help with a VGA card

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Hey is there a technical issue in ATI 5770's? I read many complains at Tomshardware about system failures. I'm planing to buy the Card but I'm bit confused, If you can please help me, I really appreciate it, Thank you so much.... I really need your help...

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Huh? places like Toms are very popular. Their main traffic will gravitate more people that complain about their hardware going bad. The 5770 is in no way a system failure waiting to happen. Some good 5770 brands are HIS and XFX. If you don't want the AMD/ATI cards there is always the Nvidia GTX 460 and 470.

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the only problem the 5770s ever had was a driver issue with windows 7 which has already been fixed. i have a 5770 from XFX and i have not had a problem yet