Need Help Choosing a Tower/Case, Please Read & Advise

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Hey guys I'm new to the forum and thought I could use the help of those who know more about computers then me. My level of knowledge on things technical from software to hardware is as an enthusiast at best. Right now what I want is help on deciding between two small-sized computer towers/cases. I am building my own computer and want something small yet powerful. So the two I have narrowed it down to is the Thermaltake A30 and the NZXT Vulcan M-ATX. Both are stylish enough without seeming too much. They have plenty of ventilation and features to allow for a lot of potential. Here are the questions I have:

Which one should I choose and why?
What reasons are there for me to choose a mid-sized tower/case instead?
If there are any other small-sized towers/cases that I have overlooked and show better benefits please label them.

I want other suggestions on what to use and/or buy to push the performance of this "to be dream computer" as much as possible so please any comments, concerns, b itches, gripes are welcome. Be honest and upfront.

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From the two, the Vulcan looks more appealing, the handle is a bonus for portability when bringing it to LAN parties. As a rule of thumb, bigger cases allow for greater expandability and better cooling, so unless you are concerned about space or portability, I would go with a mid or full tower.

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look on i have a wishlist that may help u NOTE: it dos not have cpu i already have 1 look it up its spelled like this MY Rig atm i don't have the money for it but it is a nice

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There are many factors but the top 3 include; budget, style, features you want.

Top brands include; Lian Li, Thermaltake, Cooler Master, SivlerStone, Zalamn...

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