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Hey Rodney!

Hoping to get some advice from ya. I'm looking at finally starting up (well, making bigger rather) my PC/Digital Art company and was wondering whats a good way to start. I've been getting most of my business through referrals/word of mouth/business card distribution and was wondering if there was anything else I might could do to expand further, in regards to obtaining more clientele.

Big thanks!

PS: I currently do PC Builds/config's and graphic design just in case you needed to know.

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It's a ride. I've started and ended a PC and IT service business as a private independent consultant twice, and the third go-around is still working. Plus, I'm now also migrating over to professional photography.

And all of my "advertising" is word of mouth.

Things go slow, but with a website (offering service descriptions of the photo work and sample shots), plus a business email and phone number, business inquiries are starting to show up more frequently. I'm still down to a couple paying PC jobs a week, and maybe a photo session once every week or two, I've realized that patience is in order. Happy customers make great advertisers.

Have fun, be safe! Sláinte!

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