My MSI hd 5870 performance is slow

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hello rodney i have a question for you, i just bought an MSI HD 5870 video card the problem is ive got only 14fps when playing dirt2 and other games i got a lower fps too, what seems to be the problem i tried everything i could but still no luck the only i didnt try is reinstalling the windows....and the last video cards i used was the HIS HD 5750 in crossfire and that one works better than this HD 5870 i have today thats why i wonder so much about the performance decrease on this monster card....more power to you..

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Have you tried resetting the card in the PCI E slot on your motherboard?

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Try updating your motherboards BIOS, then install the latest ATI video card drivers.

Rodney Reynolds,

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Does the video card have power plugged into it?
Do you have more than one PCIe port to try?

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