My core i7 freezes when unzipping large files

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Hello there

Everything was running smooth until today.I was unzipping large file and for first time ever my computer crashed when i restarted it gave me " CPU over temperature error".I am a bit shocked.

Installed Real Temp and getting 51C ish on idle but as soon as i hit the sensor test its goes over 90.I tried samaller files the temp went upto 70C.Never happened to me before.

I check the stock intel cooler i think i might need thermal paste but still it was fine all this time. For my PC specs

Core i7 950 (stock)
Asus P6x58D Premium
12GB corsair DDR3 (1600mhz)
primary HDD Velociraptor
secondary Western digital IT caviar
ATI HD 4650 (i know its sucks but i am not into games)
550W cooler master PSU (this concerns me as well is this enough if i put Corsair Hydro H70 cooler thingy?)
Windows 7 64 bit ultimate

What should i do i am really depressed :( thanks in advance for the help

Thanks Rodney looking farward to this

Please Help

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Dont no much about the latest hardware but is that pwer supply suitable looks underpwered to me.

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51C for a stock 950 is a very high temp. What cooler are you using now? How's the case ventilation? You may need to reapply the thermal compound, I'm thinking you either put too much or you applied it incorrectly. I also don't see why the PSU has trouble powering your system, you are within a safe margin.

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dude i'm also using that processor, I think you didn't install the cooler properly and you should at least use an after market cooler for that kind of cpu or if you can't afford it right now use a good thermal paste like tuniq tx 2 or gelid gc extreme and make sure you install that cooler again properly this time. there are cheap coolers out there that performs great like cogage true spirit, scythe yasya. 90c is too high even for the stock cooler.

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Over temp error is just that, you CPU is reaching an unsafe temp. You really want to try and keep it below 65C. This is kinda odd though since you have the CPU at stock and not overclocking, unless it's hot in your room. An aftermarket should resolve this.

Rodney Reynolds,