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Seems like a lot of cases these days are being updated with front panel USB 3.0 (the latest based on my research was the HAF 932 Advanced). However, most motherboards out there aren't being updated fast enough to include USB 3.0 front headers [for the 1366]. Currently the only way to connect USB 3.0 is to route through the back, which of course defeats the purpose. I'm curious to know if this will change? Or perhaps not? since: 1. USB 2.0 is still majority for most plugins, and 2. rumors of the new LGA 2011 socket? But then again new 1366 boards have been coming out like the G1 Killer series, and I think ASUS just released the Black Edition for their Rampage series. Unfortunately, both series are way out of my budget.

I've been fixated on the GA-X58-UD3R, along with the HAF 932 advanced, but seeing how the case price increased due to the new front 3.0, it doesn't seem justifable [for me] since the UD3R doesn't have 3.0 onboard headers.

Anyone know if they'll release UD3R rev 3.0?