Motherboard won't boot up when RAM is in Dual Channel :(

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Hey Rodney,
I have a Asus M4N75TD and G.Skill RipJaw 1600MHz (2x2GB) RAM. Whenever I put the RAM sticks in a dual channel set up my PC doesn't boot up and the MemOK! Light (on my motherboard) turns on (which means there's a problem with the RAM) The MemOK! Button does not fix the problem. When I put the RAM sticks next to each other it boots up fine.


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I am not Rodney

most motherbord websites will show a list of the CPUs and RAM supported for each montherbord now all ram not listed on the motherbord website may still work but may not work grate eg may work single channel but not duel or the ram just may not work at all so if I was you I would look on the asus website and see if you can find your ram and if its not in there list try and take the RAM back where you got it from and try and buy ram that is on the website said to work with your motherbord

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My name is John and I'm new here but if I can help then just ring the bell:-) I always use Corsair/OCZ/Kingston and my gaming rigs have Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 32MB Cache and now cost £42.53inc. vat fantastic H/D. I have a Corsair 120GB Force SSD 2.5" Read = 285MB/s, Write = 275MB/s but I use this for AutoCAD / 3D Studio Max

The rule is always be certain the m/board manuafacturer agrees with your choice of RAM... many are having the same problem so you are not on your own buddy, I'm sure Rodney will help you out man
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