Motherboard Tray meme, DNF, and asusEAX7900GTX still hangs around ?

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It's great how 3DGM acknowledges this meme - t-shirts are great.

Funny guys AsusEAX7900GTX - probably he started it all , i mean, it's ... funny.

Im sure you're all through this, but ... idk i was just linked to all that stuff because some connections with duke nukem forever , ... one of his videos has grabbag music i suppose that was the connection, and ofcourse the ventrilo harrasment comes in.

AsusEAX7900GTX actually said he feels stupid now he made those "funny movies" ... we all grow up, but still come on, it's hilarous - especially for 3DGM - made him so much advertisments ;)

Aaaand ... you guessed it, i ACTUALLY REALIZED about because of AsusEAX7900GTX videos , fallen for the same joke as everyone watching those vids, but im glad i fallen for the joke hah.

If i see, 3DGM and Ventrilo references in Duke Nukem Forever ... im going to shit my pants of laughing. Let's hope the game's good.

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