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Hello im thinking about getting these two products. For a monitor im looking for a led lcd 2ms about 24" .

monitor $200 -

case (not sure which one to pick?)

haf 912 for $60
antec 600 (six-hundred) for $65

Im alright with one of these cases just not sure which one to pick, but the main one is the monitor, what else could u guys offer.

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The monitor looks nice, especially with that $60 coupon code (makes it >$200), as long as you don't care about that ugly and cheap stand.

I'd go with the HAF case! The Antec 3/600 series, in my opinion, are noisy. The HAF is also just that much more manly haha!

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That screen is great, very high contrast ratio and low ms.

BUT keep in mind if you ever put some mad as graphics cards in one of those cases (which you will :)). You may decide to try 3D so if you want make sure the screen has a refresh rate of 120Hz.

So in the future if you decide it wont cost you money on a new screen to play.

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3d isn't really that Great, I have a crap load of game Old a new (that just came put) and for some odd reason the only game i play is Old School Call of Duty uo, what does that tell you about me? Lolz i don't care for all the new crap sorry.

and i know a lot of people 3d isn't really that Great,

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Hanns G and ASUS make the best monitors as of today. I build a PC for my bro with a hanns G and it has amazing picture quality. I then built a PC for my girlfriend and i used an ASUS because it was $100 off and the ASUS was just as impressive but for the price? go with a hanns G. If you got a little extra $$ go with ASUS

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