Memory Problem 6gigs is 2 gigs oh god!

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Hi all, I have a problem with the memory on my computer, just finished my first build, and the computer says it has only 2gigs of ram, even though I have 6gigs in total, all the sticks are working fine (i have tried them individually) but they do not show up in windows, in fact when I put the memory modules in slots closest to the cpu, say two sticks in the slots closest to the cpu the computer will not boot at all, at the moment I have all 3 sticks in the slots furtherest away from the cpu, in this configuration windows says it has 4 gigs and in brackets, only 2 gigs useable, also only 2 gigs shows up in the bios. CPU-Z shows all 6 gigs, I have XMP memory settings set in the BIOS, I suspect I may have incorrectly positioned either the CPU or cooler. Those where my first thoughts.

Also I've heard something similar that this is a common problem for Asus board, I have a sabertooth x58, haven't updated the bios, would this possible fix the problem?
Thought I'd ask you helpful lot for some advice before I take the computer apart, thanks for any help in advanced :]

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i have the same board and dont have any problems with it. if all the sticks are working you should have them in DIMM A1,B1, and C1. check your user guide page 2-10. make sure all the sticks are firmly pressed into the board as well. Update your bios and all your drivers, don't use the drivers on the CD in the box. always download them from for the most current driver editions. do you have Windows 7 64bit? 32bit does not support more than 3 gigs of ram.

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Are you using 32bit Windows?