Keep it, Upgrade, Sell, Overclock ?!

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Hii, 3dGameMan aka Rodney

First, Just wana say that i love your videos / reviews / unboxings evreything!!! they are the best keep it up :)


My question is :

If got a :

Intel core i7 920 @ 2.81Ghz and a XFX GTX285 xxx edition.

Keep this? or

Sell evreything and build a new pc with AMD Phenom II X6 and a HD5870? or

Sell GTX285 xxx edition and upgrade to HD5870? or

Overlock? (Personaly i dont like doing this)

Thanks already,, 

Greetz, sawnez


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keep the i7 920 and don't buy the phenom x6 unless your not gaming that is. buy the graphics card though, unless you are using cuda applications and playing phyx games with a 3d monitor

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definately keep the i7, thats one of the best processors available, but upgrading to a 5870 is not a bad idea at all, i think you will be really happy with the upgrade and the raw power combined with cool features of the 5870