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Hey guys, CoolIT finally came through and delivered me the cooler I won (Giveaway #53). But to my shock, it wasn't the CoolIT ECO Advanced. Instead it was the CoolIT Vantage! Now I know the ECO performs worse than the H50, but I have no idea where this Vantage ranks up. I looked at a couple reviews and it looks like the Vantage wins on each one. Is this true?

So what should I do? Install the Vantage and try to sell my H50 (at a really low price like $40-$60 used) or sell the Vantage (around full price - $90-$120 new) and keep my H50? By the way, the H50 is giving me temps around 85c MAX when running Prime95 @ 4Ghz.

On this review ( the Vantage performs really close to the H70 which is a better cooler than what I have now. I think I'm going to install it and use the R4's to replace some stock fans on my case.

AND if I keep and install the Vantage, should I use the stock fans that can be regulated and controlled (like have them silent, normal, or extreme) or stick with the CoolerMaster R4's that I can't control?

Thanks guys!

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Vantage is nice. If you have an extra fan attach it to the other side and create a push-pull airflow.

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