Internet Explorer 64 bits: is it worth using and why

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Hello Mr. Reynolds and all members.
I have some questions about Internet Explorer (or other browers like Firefox, Chrome and Opera) with 64 bits architecture.
In Windows Vista / 7 64 bit, there's an option to use a 64 bits browser. Up till now, the lack of a 64 bits version of many essential plug-ins (Adobe Flash above all) made this option nearly useless, as nowadays the majority of websites are developed with such plug-ins.
Recently I got the chance to test Adobe Flash "Square", which, although in beta state, is the long awaited 64 bit version of Flash. Having also the option to install both Java 32 and 64 versions (Java is required for some web apps I'm using), I was thinking about finally using IE 8 (or 9) ONLY in its 64 bits form.
Please keep in mind I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 64 + IE 8 at home, and Windows 7 Enterprise 64 + IE 9 at work.

Now, on with my questions:

- It's not possible to set IE 64 as the default browser: that means, if you are opening any link from an external program (say, the hotmail link in Windows Live Messenger), it's gonna open in IE 32.
Why isn't it possible to set IE 64 as default?

- Is there a performance improvement (I'm talking about rendering) while using a 64 bits browser in a 64 bits OS? Microsoft itself claims there is not and actually, the 64 bits version of IE 9 is said to be a lot SLOWER with given websites / technologies.

- Is there a stability improvement? I would tend to guess so, but I'd like to have an explanation about this.

- Overall, is it advisable to switch to 64 bit browsing or not?

That's all for now, thanks for bearing with me!

Mike from Italy