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My Idea
Produce longer videos as a guide. (60-90 minuts)
How to build a desktop for office
How to build a desktop for normal gaming
How to build a desktop for extreme gaming
How to build a home server for backup an media streaming
How to set up the perfect combination of wifi and cabel-
home network
Go into detale... realy deap show all from the unpacking to the build to the first boot and installation of opereting system.
Every detail explaind and on video. Show us the magig in the making, not missing one single step.
Charge what amount for ppv or DVD you need. 1 DvD to rule them all.
Downloa at your site for 9.99 USD

My question.
will you please compare a stock label Acer/HP/Asus/Apple/Dell to a self build pc at the range 800-1600 USD and show people what they get extra by building themself - and how to find components that match in a selfbuild PC

I know this is a long list, but please consider it - theres a market for it. DIY guides is a win - newbees just need guidence and the are ready to go.
So far your video reviews calls for a more experinced crowd - lets get the Fathers building PCs with their children, and learning at the same time

As allways
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Excellent suggestions, but many of them require massive amounts of time, time that I just don't have right now. While I love computers and producing video reviews, I love my kids and wife more ;) Having two young kids really eats into my free time, but as they get older this will hopefully change.

Rodney Reynolds,