Idea for new video? Alternative h50 cpu cooler (air only)

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I would LOVE to see a video giving some suggestions to an air alternative to H50 CPU water cooler, While it has really good low temps there are some out there who arnt keen on having ANY water in there case or simple just don't like the look of it (ie. me :D) I have seen allot of comparisons between the h50 and air coolers on the net but most of them are either funded by corsair and only show the CPU coolers that are below it -_- or are by guys named things like THEBIGONE or PIMPDADDY87  in some cheap forum and i personally wouldn't trust them with directions to the local postbox let alone a £50 ($100) piece of hardware! :P.  As Rodder's is the only guy to trust when it comes to the truth on pc parts! I would like to see his advice along with comparisons against top CPU air coolers that can rival the h50 :)  Thank you for reading.

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Well, there are a Astek, Coolit, NorthQ. Here's a list of my cooling reviews that might help:

Rodney Reynolds,