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hello, i was wondering if you could give some tips and recommendations for computer screens. What are some good cheap TFT displays.

that is around 1080, 1200 is good too

(good screens are too expensive!)
Thanks for your time!


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i actually picked up my monitor for $100 US at walmart, its a very nice dell widescreen, small borders, matte all over, and runs [email protected] (this is the model SE198WFP)
it has both VGA and DVI inputs and has the capability to accept Y Pb Pr (component) through an adapter to the VGA port (most monitors cant) the response time is 5ms if i remember right so its not slow and it only has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 but i have never seen such a clear and sharp image. it has also recieved above an 8/10 rating at CNET for both users and editors