Hi guys I need help choosing a motherboard

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Well, first of all im not an overclocker,

But i do want a fast computer.


Will i see any difference between the Asus Rampage II Extreme Motherboard and other



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It's definitely a board meant for multiple video card setups, custom watercooling, and hardcore overclockers. But it's also one of the earlier high end X58 boards so it doesn't have the new features like SATA 3 and USB 3.

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I would really like to get something good but the question is if i will notice any different between the motherboards.

I am also thinking about the NEW RAMPAGE EXTREME III


I want buy already and im stuck not knowing what to do


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asus P6T series is good enough, or you can wait till there is a usb3/sata3 board its up to you

also the rampage series are deff good but there designd for oc with tons of features.

eventualy you also pay for that, soo if you already know you dont gonna oc i would  for wait for a usb3/sata3 board or go for a P6T series board

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