Hard Drives:boot disks and storage drives

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Want to use two hard drives on my rig i am building right now. I have a guinea pig computer that i test things on and i can't seem to figure out how i would get my second hard drive to work as storage. Everything always wants to go to the first drive even when i put the second one on it. Do i have to manually move everything? Also  when you use a storage drive and a boot and program drive, are games consider programs?

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you have to either manually move files or tell them where to go (ie: using the advanced option in an installer wizard)

yes games are considered programs but it really depends on how you set up your computer as to which drive the games will go on. i have the operating system and personal files/programs on one drive and i have all of my games installed on my other drive, but thats how i like mine to be, its your choice on how you want your organization

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Do you already have an OS installed on the first Hard drive, or are you starting fresh with two new hard drives and a PC build?

I would suggest running a Raid 0 config if you want your hard drives to act as one. Also an added bonus your hard drives will work together and perform faster. In order to do this you'd have to format the hard drives, so I would suggest backing up any important files on an external and starting fresh.

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