Fractal Design Node 804 Micro ATX Case

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Looks like Fractal Design Node 804 can allow you to fit a 240mm radiator inside the case. If you get a chance, could you please do a review for a Node 804 case? The reason why I ask is the Fractal Design Node 804 entices me to skip the NZXT H440 case since I realize that I only need four expansion slots that I've had a look inside my current case and I already have an ATX motherboard. I will be waiting for the next-generation AMD APU with decent gaming performance at 1080P, not expecting to play very demanding games that require higher than Radeon R7 270X -- something like in Portal 2 with very high settings with no anti-aliasing, as jagged edges does not bother me that much.

So anyway, I really don't need something that is tall, as I really think that computers are getting small anyway, even though full tower computer cases are not going anywhere. It does not hurt to ask yourself a question which I did not ask myself "how many expansion slots do I need" and "what expansion cards am I planning to use" and that kind of stuff since I really don't care too much about doing Crossfiring at all.

For my server, I have a 4-port RS232 card (for which I want to use devices that have one), a wireless 802.11n card (that I gave to my mom for her computer), gigabit card (for LAN), and a TV tuner card for MythTV (plan to replace an HVR-1250 with HVR-2250 for recording two shows at once or record one show while watching a different show). It would be nice for a micro ATX motherboard to have a dual-gigabit NIC so that I can free one expansion slot for anything that I might think of for my server. Sure, I could just stick with ATX but I wanted something with a micro ATX and have a separate hard drive chamber which a Fractal Design Node 804 provides.

For my desktop PC, I only have one audio interface and-- nothing else? Ah... Why did I buy an ATX motherboard for the sake of adding 7 expansion cards in the future? :/ Maybe just a single GPU that works in tandem with A10-5700's Radeon HD 7660D for Hybrid Crossfire, but for the time being, I don't think open source radeon drivers for Linux support Crossfire at all.

For those who are curious about open source radeon drivers in Linux, I get about 30 to 60 frames per second when playing Portal and almost smooth frame rates when playing Portal 2. This is with Gallium 3D 0.4, Mesa 10, and Linux kernel 3.13 low latency. Portal and Portal 2 should be playable in Ubuntu 14.04 when it's released. I'm currently writing my post using Arch Linux, which is not for beginners as there's no step-by-step installer. You simply type "pacstrap -i /mnt base" after you manually setup a couple of Linux partitions (/, /home, swap, etc.) and manually mounting them as described [url='_guide]in the beginner's guide[/url].

With that said, I do like having a separate hard drive and power supply chamber that is separate from the motherboard side of the case as I really think that should allow the fan's airflow to not be obstructed by hard drives and the way I see it, 804 kind of looked smaller compared to my mid-tower case that I currently have for my desktop and server, but then it will look wider than what I currently have. I will buy it but I'm unsure when it will come out.

EDIT: Got brand name mixed up! Man, how can there be so many brands out there? How can I get CoolerMaster and Fractal Design mixed up? (sigh) Sorry about that, guys! :(

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