Exporer 9RC or Firefox 4RC

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Being trying to ask this question for a while, i'm thinking the site didnt like my email address when I tried to register 1st time lol

I have been a Firefox fan since I can remember (thinking firefox 2), but when explorer 9 came out in beta it seemed fast and seemless where as firefox4 beta was jumpy and slow. Now they have both been releaed as RC I'm not sure if there is much to choose from....

... so my questions are, do you use explorer 9RC or Firefox 4RC as your prefered browser and is there any tweeks to make your prefered browser and better?

Thanks in advance :-)

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Firefox. There are just so many customization options available not present in IE. In Firefox, you can do tweaks by entering "about:config" in the URL bar.

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It's still FF for me :)

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I have been using both for quite some time and I still love my FF even more. IE9 is an amazing step forward and a huge win for those users that can't get away from IE for what-ever reason, but still doesn't come close to the FF experience through extensions and personalization. FF4 isn't perfect, but for me it's more flexible than Chrome, more reliable and flexible than IE9 and doesn't try too hard *cough*opera*cough,...

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I've been using FF4 beta for about two months now. Don't use the tab-groups a lot but do like how FF4 is now transparent and fits Win7 really great graphically.

I ditched IE a long time ago when I discovered that you can change the layout on the top in FF: Drag and resize all the items to where/how you want them to be and remove the ones you don't use. What I think is really handy, is that you can have the bookmarks-bar just show the icons of the websites (without titles) and place that bar where you like (in front or behind the URL bar for example). With just the icons showing it takes up the least amount of space while it's still just as usable. And it looks nice too :). Extra benefit: if you add a folder (icon) to that bar, clicking on it will expand the contents of it like a drop-down menu. - very handy when you have a lot of bookmarks to organize.

Combined with the extensions it made me move away from IE permanently. Even now when IE9 is supposed to be really fast I will never go back to their limited interface.

Nevertheless, for a quick search or browse nothing beats Chrome. For me Chrome still starts up the fastest, and although I haven't tried IE9 yet I can smell the outcome of such a test from miles away...