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Hey Rod, do you use e-mail aliases for multiple websites?

Not all websites and businesses support the use of + as a valid form of e-mail address, so fortunately, I do have my own domain name and I have my aliases setup like this:


The reason for having my own domain name is to identify myself and not make use of GMail or Hotmail or any other free e-mail services. Plus, with a single domain name, I don't have to create multiple inboxes. Since I'm running Ubuntu Server 12.04 in my virtual private server, I can add aliases for Postfix to handle like in /etc/aliases:

g3p5z.bank0famerica.73z: yourname
gz7p.amaz0n.31vp: yourname
gtpfp.phoronix.c01m: yourname
gp3d.gameman.0bw32: yourname

These aliases get directed to yourname(at)example.com. I must say that the examples given above are pretty obnoxious, so I went very simple, but not too simple as to have spammer figure out my real e-mail addresses. I do use a couple of methods to fight spam, like requiring to use a fully-qualified domain name, don't use my hostname and IP address, use greylisting (although my mail logs tell me that spammers are getting very persuasive in trying to send spam and have less than 5 minutes of patience to wait to send e-mail again), postscreen for blacklists and whitelists, and SpamAssassin, which I then check the headers to see which ones I wish to reject, like the one below:


(EDIT: Something is wrong with the code tag...)

Of course, I could use a + sign for e-mail address, but first and foremost, spammers can easily figure out your real e-mail address like if you give away your e-mail address like yourname+amazon(at)yourdomainname.com and Amazon's server gets compromised by criminal hackers, spammers can figure out that your e-mail address is yourname(at)yourdomainname.com. Of course, with the use of + in your email address, you will know what is going on. But in my case, I don't use a plus sign for my e-mail address.

So then my question again is, do you setup aliases for your domain name or do you use GMail's alias feature to track who sent you e-mail?

Oh, as a final note, do you know of a way to get into my account settings? I need to change my e-mail address and do away with gp(at)... email address. My two-letter e-mail address "gp" is very rife with spammers who are trying to send spam to e-mail addresses like gp(at)domain1.com, gp(at)domain2.com, gp(at)domain3.com, etc. until they hit a valid domain and my valid e-mail address.

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