Dual Monitors using dual link

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I am currently looking at buying a new monitor and heard that i can daisy chain two monitors together out of one dvi-i dual link port on my graphics card. I don't have and extra monitor to try this on and i want to leave the second port on my gpu open to hook up to a tv or projector in the future. Does this dual link method actually work and will it work with any monitor?

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i have never heard of this being done and i boubt it something that the average user can do, but i can tell you this now, it will not work with just any monitor for sure, different monitors use different DVI types.
one thing you could try is buying a 1080p rated HDMI to DVI cable and plug your monitor into the card's HDMI port, that way you still have a DVI port adaptable to VGA and you still have two monitors (or you could use the displayport)

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It is possible to use a DVI splitter. I'm quite sure this will work. It will send a separate signal and can be configured as an extension to the primary screen or to be a duplicate.
I'm not sure how well it will perform if your looking to game or use high res screens. Hope this helps