DDR3 Memory Help

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I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade my quad core duo for a nice sandybride I5 2500k on a Asus P8Z68-v Pro board

My original memory choice was G.Skill RipjawsX 8GB but this was out of stock

I got refunded the difference and this was replaced with this

Looking further into the ram now leaves me with a couple of questions.

1) Are both these rams 1600mhz or is the kingston 1600mhz on a xmp profile?

2) Is there a huge difference between "1333 and 1600" or "1600 and 1600xmp"?

3) Can the kingston select 1600mhz without the xmp in the bios and will it hurt anything else?

Sorry, these might sound like dumb questions but I'm just starting to get back into the computer scene and we all have to start somewhere lol

Thanks alot in advance, any help is greatly appreciated