The Current Most Best Mobo for Intel i7

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I am getting ready to build a really nice gaming system and I am purchasing the Intel i7 compared to the Intel i5. I have looked at the EVGA Classified but I am wondering is there another board out there that is just as good or better? Any recommendations that could help me decide?


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Not to an extreme amount some with the processor and other things probably. Just looking for the best motherboard out there for the Intel i7 and trying to get feedback from other people...I appreciate your help.:o

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Have you thought about the Asus Motherboards like the P6T series?

If I ever had the money to build my own computer I would get the P6T7 WS SuperComputer.

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Its been a few months since this post but what Motherboard did you decide on?

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Well IMO the best MB on the market to day would have to be the Asus P6X58D Here is a link to it. I chose this board because its the most future proof board out. It has Sata6 USB3.0 and has support for the new Gulftown CPU's that are not out yet.

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Well, I currently have an EVGA X58 mobo, but if you are looking for a board with SATA6 and USB3, check out the Asus P6X58D Premium.

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