connecting 2 Psu's to one computer

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Well basicly i have 2x 1300 watt Psu's
My question is if i can somehow connect them together to start up at once when you push the power button on the computer. i do need the extra power for overclocking. im alredy kinda killing it with 4 way sli of Gtx 480 alredy. i want to squeez some more power out of them along with the Cpu as well. Starting one of them Manualy is not really an option i want to use for too long.

and a 2k watt psu is EXPENCIVE as hell will cost me 826,45 USD
that's too much when i alredy have units of 1300 watt at my disposal.

the short awnser is: No
the long awnser is: Nooooooooooooooo

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O_O 1300W is not enough??!! Enjoy that power bill, bro. I guess you could solder together a Y bridge for the two leads that start up the PSU, coming from the Mobo, but I have absolutely no experience with that.. Basically all it takes to start the PSU is to connect the PS_ON on #14(usually green)to either 15,16, or 17 (usually black).

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Good info nilzxx but this guy should really consult with the manufacturer to be sure or read the specs for that power supply. You DO NOT want to wound up burning the system this way. Connecting the wrong cable and system can go bye bye.

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all you need is one of these so that the motherboard can trigger both power supplies to turn on at the same time.

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Nice Dusty!
That will definitely DO IT!
Psss... I will still consult just in case...
maybe damages warranty on both power supplies...not sure.
Good luck!