Comptuer Hardware Store in New York City?

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Hi Rodney, and everybody else

I'm from Sweden and I'm a big fan of your reviews and videos Rodney. I'm going to New York for a vacation in April and I have been looking on the prices for the new Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs in USA and the prices are much lower in the states compared to Sweden. The prices in USA are ~329$ and in Sweden ~430$.

So I was thinking of buying a i7 2600K and an EVGA P67 motherboard and save a lot of money, the problem however is that I haven't been able to google any stores in Manhattan that sell computer hardware. So I would really appreciate if somebody know any good hardware stores in Manhattan.

Until next time, take care :P

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Try CompUSA.

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Hey - Enjoy your visit, however there is a place in NY that has some serious hardware if you can venture out to them.
311 East Chestnut Street
East Rochester, NY 14445

BTW... CompUSA does not exist locally their name and online branding was purchased by tigerdirect.

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Hey bub, I would really hold off on the Sandy Bridge for a while, until the bugs get worked out.

Rodney Reynolds,