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Hi Rodney, Rex here with a pair of questions for you

First Question: What companies provide you with the products you review, and how often do you send out requests for products to review.

Second Question: I was wondering what your computer setup looked and what the specs are on your rig.

- Rex

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Hi, i'm not Rodney but you could find his PC specs on

However he didn't posted a picture of it in this link, but maybe somewhere in the forum it is ;)

As far as i know, i think that's actually the part builder that sends him some products and he review them
(correct me if i'm wrong, i used to think about that a long time ago too but i never ask him ;)

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Hey, Rex,

1. You can find my sponsor here: Dropdown at the top of the page. I send an email out a few times a month, but mostly sponsors keep me in the loop on most stuff.
2. Thx spawnkiller ;)

Rodney Reynolds,