building my first gaming pc

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hey rodney,

right now i am currently buying the material for my gaming pc build so far i have

cpu: intel core i7 930
mobo: msi big bang x-power
cpu cooler: cooler master v8
power supply: kingwin mach 1 1220w
optical drive:samsung blu-ray player & lg22x optical drive
hdd: 1 wd velociraptor 150 gb & 4 hitachi 500gb
i was wondering what else i needed and what were your thoughts on these parts so far. i was looking to run 2 lg 20" led backlit monitors


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if any one else has suggestions please email me

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1220W PSU? Where's your video card setup? And I would also reconsider another HDD configuration.

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drop the 1,200w PSU, extreme overkill, you only need 750w at the most.
a 5850 would be a good choice for a video card, this should run 2 large monitors fine.
HAF 932 is a fantastic case, it has lots of cable management and lots of airflow.
you can also trade out that V8 for a Corsair H50, this cooler performs better, cost less, and would fit perfectly in the 140/120mm fan mount on the back of the case