Building a custom gaming pc

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Hi Rodney Rex again with another question. I am planing on building a custom gaming rig for myself as my current one is showing a lot of age. I would appreicate it if you could make a buyers guide for those that would like to build a custom pc of their own. also it would be a good I idea to have guide for both the Nvidia cards and the ati raedon cards. and for both a build around an amd processor and one for an intel processor. i think that would benifit a lot of people and could help save them a lot of money.

on a side note have you ever contacted ASUS and Logitech about reviewing their products?

thanks much

- Rex

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The problem with doing build videos is that hardware becomes out of date so quickly that it's not really viable.

Rodney has some ASUS and Logitech reviews up, he has reviewed Logitech webcams and did an ASUS tablet review last week.

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Yea, I've done these videos on the past, but like Razear mentioned, they become outdated quickly. Also, it takes A LOT of work to full off a detailed build video that works.

Here's the last one I, many years ago:

Rodney Reynolds,